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From the heart of Scandinavia to a
Global Market

With years of experience in the field of business development, sales and marketing, we can proudly say that we are our suppliers’ extended arm. In addition to business development and market support that we provide to our suppliers, we also provide productsupport such as product training and warranty support complementing our suppliers’ services and products.

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It needs investment of houndred of thousands of euros to build a stable ground and strategy for entering a new market. To find the right distribution channels and creating the right Market and price strategy.  It requires various of costly analyzes susch as market and competitior analysis, product portfolio analysis and more. 
It needs time and plenthy of resources.
and still its a HUGE Risk!
As your Exclusive Partner we will take the risk for you.

Market Analyzis

Entring a new market  is a big risk where you either win or disappear for quite a while. We do the the neccesary reserach before the steps are taken for minimizing the risks.

Sales and Distribution

Through our long-term experience and  our wide network of distributionchanels we create the right oppotunity for right decision in best sales and distribution strategy.

Legal Approval

We supervise and apply for the necceasary legal aproval such as FDA, custom import application and other necceasary aprovals that requires for entering the target market.

NMT Quallity Approved Prodcts

Quality to our customers is our primary focus. Our selection of products and suppliers takes place after NMT’s Total Quality Management System Analysis. We place a high demand on our suppliers in terms of quality, and environment.

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